Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is done just dating God and ready for a full time commitment....

No, I'm not crazy, this is my answer to the question posed to me in my daily devotional podcast from Joyce Meyer.  I must say I'm a bit nervous, but I have already put it all at God's feet and I am ready to completely put my faith and trust in him AND give completely to what he asks of me and not just half of what he asks. 

Since starting my beginning my spiritual journey in M.O.M.S, I have seen things so differently.  Going to church on Sundays and praying from home (or wherever else the urge/need to pray hits me) is just the tip of the iceberg and only a part of what he asks of me.  I am not sure why it is all happening now, but he knows.  I know that right now I have so many struggles in my life and I know that only if I commit to him completely and fully will I rise from my struggles and be where I am and who I am supposed to be in my life.  Even writing this leaves me a bit dazed and confused, so I will just continue to listen for his lead and follow, at some point it will become a big beautiful picture.

My husband and I have so many struggles right now.  Getting a house ready to sell in a market that is not by any means seller friendly, attempting to get the finances in order (you know paying off the debt and trying to be better savers), oh and did I mention the getting ready for him to leave for a 14 month det. to struggles or stresses there at all.  It is in the midst of this and raising a family that I am beginning to blossom in my spirituality.  In this I understand that I am only human and I will have my personal struggles and my occasional falls from good graces (i.e. the thing called retail therapy), but it is in recognizing this, continuing to pray for God's guidance, continuing to listen to him AND following him and trusting in him 100% that in his time things will happen.   It is a kind of weird surreal feeling, as stressed as I should feel right now about everything, I no longer am stressed, in fact I feel at peace (feels weird saying that) with everything.  I know and have always believed (maybe not always understood it) that he will never give me more than I can handle, so it he has put this in front of me, then he knows I will make it through. 

 I think I'm beginning to babble again...but seriously I know what I'm talking about.
  God Bless!

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