Wednesday, June 30, 2010

oops see what happens when you blog while getting a pedi

Anyway as I was saying, I'm still doing laundry and washing brushes daily. A little of paranoia and OCD over the bug issue...ICK! Haven't run in a while due to the cooties, so I have some seriouscatching up to do...well guess I'll blog phone is being uncooperative.

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Sans itchy, scratchy and shower cups...

That is correct no more head "cooties"...knock on wood, in the house. Although full fledge paranoia has set in and I am still washing brushes an d bedding daily

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Run and the itchies

 So, I did not keep my run on Saturday as planned do to the girl's dance recital...dress rehersal call at 8am, followed by lunch out, home for a rest and then back to the theater for a 5:00 call time.  Sunday was Father's day, so we spent the day with my daddy in the world to my kids and best hubby in the world.  I went for my run yesterday, I did a little over 3 miles, 3. 39 to be exact in 45minutes.  The timing is not impressive at all, but I've got time to work on it.  The rest of the day was to spent with my hubby who had Monday after for a Father's Day holiday.  Well that did not happen....bring on the itchies!  My youngest, who is four years old has head lice!!!  AAGGHH!!!  So far I do not have it and neither do my other girls, daddy and the boy have no hair (buzz cuts ) so they are not a concern.  In the past two days I have done more laundry, checked all my girls' heads several times and am exhausted.  A girlfriend of mine took her son to get his hair cut only to find out he has it...I came to the rescue with the clippers and he now has a nice summer buzz as well.  However, my friend was not as lucky, her shoulder length hair also became the home from some of our pesky microscopic critters (are you itching yet??).  I helped her do her treatment and went through her hair and came home to further do more bedding and get ready to check heads again.  On that note I'm off...hubby is home with my magnifying lens and Tequila!!  :o)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Been MIA...

but I am back!  I have been keeping with my training and at some point today I need to squeeze in my Jillian Michaels  Bow Down workout.  This week has been insane Shocked , on top of starting my marathon training, my girls have their recital this week (tomorrow) and today is my oldest's 12th birthday.  What I want to know is how the heck or when the heck did I become old enough to have a 12 year old.  All kidding aside she is a beautiful person inside and out and I could not be happier with the young lady she is growing into.  If only we could slow it down a little, she is almost as tall as me (although that is not any great accomplishment as I am only 5 feet tall).  I also am PMS'ing (maybe a little TMI, but oh well), which makes me a bit of a snake charmer Snake .  Yesterday was the worst...I was bitchy, tired, cranky, irritable, did I mention bitchy!!  YIKES!  Fortunately I'm feeling better it's just the stress of all that I have going on within the next 24 hours.  I have to go get the girls' dance bags and garment bags ready for recital  Ballerina , make sure I have everything for their hair (a small arsenal which includes good old fashioned Aqua Net).  I am also making a cake  Birthday Cake for Nina's birthday party tonight...and planning in my head the cake for her sleepover next week.  Get the house clean for the company coming over tonight...really what was I thinking a party tonight when we have to be out the door by 8:00am tomorrow...oh well.  I've always been the OCD that occasionally flys by the seat of my pants, you know have to keep the stress levels up to keep life interesting, LOL!
Well this was a brief entry...but now I have to go get my son from his last day of Boy Scout camp Hiker .

Here's my baby girl at about eight months old and now....

Birthday Song

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogging From My Cell Phone...

Wow, only in th 21st century do we share our "journal" enteries over the internet via our cell phones. Oh well, onwards and upwards! So, have I mentioned that it is freakin hotter then blue blazes...O...M...G it is HOT! We have hit triple digits the past two days, and oh by the way this is before we add the heat index. Am I mistaken, please correct me if I am is only mid June, not even "officially" summer yet! I think even the devil himself would melt in this weather. Training for a marathon in this weather is going to be miserable!! However, this marathon is for a great cause as I have stated once before, it is to raise money for breast cancer research. Just recently a friend and fellow Navy wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, she is a young mom of two beautiful little girls. My friends who are running this race with me and I have decided to run this race in her name. Gillian this 26.2 is for you go through your fight with this, we will be going through our training and thinking of you each step of the way.

God Bless are in my daily thoughts and prayers!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Marathon Training Day One....complete

Only 244 days left to go! Running   Here is the link to the schedule I chose, although I shifted everything over a day to make Saturday my long run.    So today I did the run/walk for 30 minutes at a 3:2 pace (should be 2:1 pace, but I walked the track for a mile to warm up and it was hot at the gym this morning.)   I'm feeling really good lately, now that I'm getting back into a workout routine Raise The Roof , which is good because I do have a few pounds that I put on while Jason was in Iraq that I need to shed.  My goal to be a healthy sexy mother to four...don't shake your head, what's wrong with a mother of four, in her mid 30's wanting to feel sexy again. 

The goal for the rest day is to relax, maybe get a little color...just have to decide if it's going to be study (reading) or enjoyment reading....mmm!  Looking forward to my sushi "date" tonight with my sushi buddy...  Sushi yummy, been it's been awhile since I've had sushi so I'm looking forward to it.  I am curious how the mess in the Gulf is going to effect my favorite sushi joint, because I don't know about you but I prefer my sushi sans oil.   Tongue Out

Well, I guess I should get what I need to get done done so that I can take my wild and crazy girls out to play before they drive me totally insane with their over abundance of energy.  The have literally turned my hallway into a track and are running back and forth laughing and squealing.  I think my head may explode from all of the energy in the know me and chaos Crazy .

 Bouncy 5  Bouncy 5  Bouncy 5  Bouncy 5  Bouncy 5  Bouncy 5  Bouncy 5  Bouncy 5

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

 Started the morning out a little rough...none of my loving babies told me we were on our last gallon of milk yesterday...SO I woke up and made myself coffee only to discover there was NO MILK for my coffee  Devil .  No  Coffee equals  Mad  mommy!!!  Thankfully I went to help out a friend with some things she needed exchange COFFEE!!!!   Bow Down   So now I sit here and contemplate the fact that my achy soar body has to get up and go do my Jillian Michaels  Bow Down workout  Crying .  I know that I will reap the rewards from this but OMG I still hurt, even after taking a hot bath yesterday (oh and BTW hot baths and sunburn equals Shocked ), I am still soar.  Which would not be so bad, however, tomorrow is day one of running for my marathon training.  I've also changed my running schedule plan to do the Galloway walk/run method of training, so we'll see how it goes.  Other than it being hotter than he!!   Melting down here, not much other crazy stuff has been going on...been a little on the quiet side.  So, off to sweat my butt off  then tonight is family movie night!!!  "Tooth Fairy", nothing wrong with a little bit of eye candy in the family movie, even if he is wearing a tutu!  LOL!  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Achey Saturday...

So I did my Jillian Michaels  Bow Down on the Wii yesterday like a good girl and OMG I am freakin soar today!  Even my butt hurts, does this mean that if I continue this workout that you will be able to bounce a quarter off of my butt soon, mmmm.  On the other hand if a workout on the Wii can make me ache this much, what in God's name am I going to feel like after running 26.2 miles  Perplexed .  Yikes, may the force be with me, and the Tylenol and Motrin and a good masseuse, because I have a feeling I am going to need it all, LOL!!!  So after I drink my coffee I'm thinking I'll have to grab a quick bite to eat and it's going to include some Tylenol, or it is going be a long day.  I already have the pleasant aroma of Ice Hot on my neck, shoulders and calves, and no I did not put it on my butt...I can live with that pain. 

The children are all doing their Saturday morning chores and I must add the sweet sound of bickering children on a Saturday morning is music to my motherly ears....NOT!  Can I change my name today, it would have to be something they would never guess,...or maybe I can just put some ear plugs in today.  As soon as they are done, I will send them outside so I can do my chores, some of which entail correctly doing some of their chores...again that would be the OCD of mine.  They actually do a very good job, especially since they are kids, but mommy has somethings that she likes done a certain way.  The little two; Angel and Isabella are hysterical because they have days where they LOVE doing chores and I am constantly having to be creative to give them "chores" they can do for me.  In fact right now they each have a Lysol wipe and are standing in the tub cleaning the tile tub walls.  I wonder how long this ambition to help mommy do chores will last?  After all the morning chores are done I am going to be baking.  I have to make a Kahlua cake for Nina's dance covered dish dinner tonight and then I'm going to get Nina's birthday cake made for next week and freeze it (this makes it easier to frost next week.  Then on to make baked ziti for the dinner tonight as well.  After all that is done it is family time, as much as my babies drive me bonkers I  Heart Beat our family time together.  Saturday evening is usually family movie night, however tonight we will be watching Nina perform her recital dances (which is next weekend).  So today proves to be a busy and yet fun filled Saturday in the Mendez house.  There is nothing in the world that compares to family time, especially when you are as blessed as we are.   I have an amazing husband, four beautiful children and there is not much more I could ask for.

I hope you all get out there and enjoy your Saturday, enjoy your family and your close friends today!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Morning and TGIF!!

Enjoying my coffee this fine Friday morning while all the youngins' are still asleep.  So I did some research and this morning picked out my training schedule to train for my marathon.  It's a 25 week training plan and I still have 35 weeks till my marathon, but I'm going to get to getting starting on Monday.  Here is what that marathon training schedule looks like...

If you notice the longest run on this training schedule is 20 miles, I've heard from a few people who have actually trained for and completed a full marathon that they wish their training had the them run the full 26 miles.  With this said I think that between weeks 22 and 23 I'm going to add two more weeks in there and get in a full 26 before the race.  The theory is that your momentum from the first 20 will get through the last six, but I've heard from runners (one of them being my wonderful husband) that at mile 20 your body actually hits a wall and wants to shut down.  For him the last six was the hardest part of the whole race, and well seeing as I'm not a "real" runner I could see this being a struggle for me.  I know for my first half marathon the longest I ran prior was 10 miles and at mile 10 during the race I could my muscles tighten up and at miles 11 and 12 I wanted to be put out of my misery.  I did this walk/run thing, mostly walk...well really it was more of hobble thing because I knew if I stopped moving I was done for and I'll be damned if I was going to go 11 miles and not finish that last 2.1 miles.  Side note...I was soo mad at this marathon, because they ran out of finisher medals, so I never received one.  I know that may sound trivial, but I like shiny blingy things and wanted the medal so I could hold it and show people that I had completed a half marathon.  I did however get a medal for my second one, the Disney Princess 1/2, and in true Disney fashion it is super duper shiny and blingy!!    OK, so I'm not completely insane (yes, I'm admitting I might be partially insane), I'm not running 26.2 miles just for a shiny blingy medal,, it's for a wonderful cause...............


and I think it would be so awesome to have a marathon on my resume of life's accomplishments.  Now this may sound a bit silly, but there is a story behind this.  When I was six years old I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) in my left knee.  All through my childhood I was not allowed to participate in running activities during gym glass and was in and out of the hospital at least once a year for five years.  Every time my arthritis would act up I would end up in the hospital where I would go through PT that was unsuccessful, then I would receive a cortisone shot in my knee (those are very large and painful needles)  Crying and then from there I would go through PT again.  During the second round of PT I would have to learn to walk again and do other simple activities like kicking a ball or walking up stairs.  As a child my doctor told my parents that when I was an adult I would probably end up in a wheel chair because of my arthritis....well thus far this has not happen, and God willing never will.  The sporadic running that I have been doing over the past two and a half years has been sort of liberating for me, the girl who could not participate in gym in Elementary school and who was made fun of a lot because of this.  Yes, in my opinion (at least when I was growing up), elementary kids were cruelest little boogers.  Although in the past year my knee has bothered me here and there, which admittedly has freaked me out a little, I'm determined to finish this marathon because I've already beat the odds laid against me when I was a child, and I'm going to keep going.  I guess you could say I have something to prove.  Now I'm not looking to win the race by being one of
 the first across the finish line, I'm in no danger of that, however, I planning on winning this race by crossing the finish line and finishing what I have started. Cheerleader 2 

Oh well, my time is up this morning, as I hear the pitter patter of little feet heading this way, someone is up.  Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!

 It's Friday

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Enjoying the moment...

Love the mornings when I'm awake before the's peaceful (and they look like little angels in their sleep)  Angelic,  it's nice to wake up with hubby and get a cup of coffee for he and I as he heads out the door.  I sit at the computer and go through whatever mail I did not get to go through yesterday and catch up on all the FB "news", basically just enjoy the silence and my cup of coffee.  Of course this morning I am just a "wee" bit soar (that's just a "wee" bit of an understatement) from my @$$ kicking by Jillian Michaels  Bow Down on the Wii last night!  Holy cow the woman is torture, can't imagine working out with her...although I would love it.  Oh and I do have to mention...I not only rocked dinner last night but then I rocked dessert as well, LOL!  Go Me!!! Cool I brought them outside and gave them Fruit Chiller Tubers (or something like that), the reaction was wonderful..."mommy your the best", "ooh cool" and so on.  To pull it off twice in one day, damn I was good!  LOL!  All kidding aside it's so nice when just the little simple things make them happy, kind of makes me wish I was kid again, to enjoy some of the simpler things in life.

OK so must wondering about this marathon thing I talked about yesterday.  Well, I've been convinced to run a marathon with some friends, now if you are confused that is 26.2 miles   Shocked I have not lost my mind (well not completely, what I have lost I blame on motherhood).  It for a great cause, it's the 26.2 with Donna, and is to raise awareness and money for breast cancer.  I'm told that only about 1% of Americans can say they have ever ran a marathon, my response to that was...well da, there is a reason for that, that's a long freakin way to run.  Of course this was before I came on board with idea.  So race day is February 11, 2011...248 days from today. Running    I've already completed two half marathons, so shoot there's 26.2 right there, LOL, OK well that doesn't count because they were two separate races.  So, I started reading this book my Aunt and now my mom have recommended, "The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide For Women", it's by Dawn Dais (just in case you might be feeling froggy enough to run a marathon yourself)  Frog ...come on you know you want to try, LOL!!  This women is hysterical, really who thought training for a marathon could be such a humorous read!  Anyway, one of the reasons I started blogging was to tell the tale of my own journey through training (not that I'm planning on becoming a published author from it).  Of course training for it through the summer is going to suck the big one...did I mention it's pretty hot down here (Florida) already.   Sweating 2 I know however, if I set my mind to it, I can run this race and I can complete it.  I get all excited thinking about the sense of accomplishment I will have after I cross the finish line.  Now I'm not saying I won't be crawling across the finish line, but regardless I will finish it.   Cheerleader 2  

Well, I guess I should go throw some of that laundry in, before the mountain of it erupts and lands on the computer, gosh then what would I do, I wouldn't be able to find the computer .  Scared 1 

So, enjoy your cup of coffee this morning and I'll see you on the flip side of today!