Saturday, June 12, 2010

Achey Saturday...

So I did my Jillian Michaels  Bow Down on the Wii yesterday like a good girl and OMG I am freakin soar today!  Even my butt hurts, does this mean that if I continue this workout that you will be able to bounce a quarter off of my butt soon, mmmm.  On the other hand if a workout on the Wii can make me ache this much, what in God's name am I going to feel like after running 26.2 miles  Perplexed .  Yikes, may the force be with me, and the Tylenol and Motrin and a good masseuse, because I have a feeling I am going to need it all, LOL!!!  So after I drink my coffee I'm thinking I'll have to grab a quick bite to eat and it's going to include some Tylenol, or it is going be a long day.  I already have the pleasant aroma of Ice Hot on my neck, shoulders and calves, and no I did not put it on my butt...I can live with that pain. 

The children are all doing their Saturday morning chores and I must add the sweet sound of bickering children on a Saturday morning is music to my motherly ears....NOT!  Can I change my name today, it would have to be something they would never guess,...or maybe I can just put some ear plugs in today.  As soon as they are done, I will send them outside so I can do my chores, some of which entail correctly doing some of their chores...again that would be the OCD of mine.  They actually do a very good job, especially since they are kids, but mommy has somethings that she likes done a certain way.  The little two; Angel and Isabella are hysterical because they have days where they LOVE doing chores and I am constantly having to be creative to give them "chores" they can do for me.  In fact right now they each have a Lysol wipe and are standing in the tub cleaning the tile tub walls.  I wonder how long this ambition to help mommy do chores will last?  After all the morning chores are done I am going to be baking.  I have to make a Kahlua cake for Nina's dance covered dish dinner tonight and then I'm going to get Nina's birthday cake made for next week and freeze it (this makes it easier to frost next week.  Then on to make baked ziti for the dinner tonight as well.  After all that is done it is family time, as much as my babies drive me bonkers I  Heart Beat our family time together.  Saturday evening is usually family movie night, however tonight we will be watching Nina perform her recital dances (which is next weekend).  So today proves to be a busy and yet fun filled Saturday in the Mendez house.  There is nothing in the world that compares to family time, especially when you are as blessed as we are.   I have an amazing husband, four beautiful children and there is not much more I could ask for.

I hope you all get out there and enjoy your Saturday, enjoy your family and your close friends today!

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