Saturday, July 10, 2010

just keep running...

Well ending week three of my training on a good note, I ran Running four and a half miles this morning...of course there was a little bit of walking, but ran well over half of it and I'm feeling great.  Of course I had my running buddy Running Christine with me...that always help.  We kind of chit chat while we are running, makes the time go by faster and keeps me paced, no need to run out all hell and get stuck a couple miles from home exhausted.  I did however start a body cleanse/detox program yesterday, which may be a little rough on my runs, LOLOLOL!  We stopped into Publix to get a drink from the water fountain and I had the sudden urget to use the bathroom...not number one either!!!  Oh well, guess I can say I lost some weight on this run, onwards and upwards, although this is dully noted and will not happen during any week that I may have a race to run.  Bought myself some cute new running shoes and my feet feel great in them today, so they were a good choice (couldn't pass up the price...running shoes on clearance for $49 with an additional 25% off = $40...anyone who knows anything about the cost of running shoes knows what a steal that is).  My mother decided to take up running a few months ago and is going to run the Disney Princess Run with Christine and I which is two weeks after my full marathon (btw she is going to freakin smoke us at the rate she is going),  told me about these compression pants, so I bought some and they will be here Tuesday.  I'm curious to see if they do all they claim to do, although this mornig I'm feeling great and do not have any real aches and pains, I know that this is only a "short" run, and they start getting longer every week.  I have not my Wii Jillian Michaels Bow Down since the Friday before Father's Day...I need to get back on the ball game with that as well.  I can just picture in real life screaming at me about wasting her time and being a slacker and quitter... Tongue Out .  It's coming together and once the kids start school, did I mention that happens exactly one month from today (can I get a Whoop Whoop!! Smile ), things will get so much easier scheduling a workout.  Now it's off to do Saturday morning chores... Rolling Eyes  Clothes Line

Friday, July 2, 2010

Been Committed!!!

Or maybe I just need to be!  So yesterday I officially registered hubby and I for the 26.2 with Donna, The Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer...276 days and counting.  On the note my stomach just did flip flops!  Spinnng Training has been almost null for the past week and a half, thanks to the little invaders   Alien that joined us then , I think it is safe to say they are gone (God I pray they are).  Checking the girls' heads and us all wearing shower caps was just not fun.  Anyway, I did make it to the gym yesterday, it was not easy but I did it.  Today, I am not going however, as we get to go "Family Fun Day" for hub's work ....although I need to get back in the Jillian Michaels Bow Down routine on the WiiMMM, wonder if it is programed to have her yell at you when you miss your workouts, LOL!  So tomorrow is my long run, last week was supposed to be four and this week five.  I didn't run last weekend, but I am this weekend, so it will be five miles for me.  Woot Woot!  I know I can do it!!!

Well I'm totally zoning  Eye out at the screen, so I guess I need to drag my tired lazy buttocks up off this chair and get some housework done before we go out this morning...seriously when is the caffeine  Coffee going to kick in Shocked !!!  Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone!!!!
 Flags  Flag Wave  USA Smiley