Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

 Started the morning out a little rough...none of my loving babies told me we were on our last gallon of milk yesterday...SO I woke up and made myself coffee only to discover there was NO MILK for my coffee  Devil .  No  Coffee equals  Mad  mommy!!!  Thankfully I went to help out a friend with some things she needed exchange COFFEE!!!!   Bow Down   So now I sit here and contemplate the fact that my achy soar body has to get up and go do my Jillian Michaels  Bow Down workout  Crying .  I know that I will reap the rewards from this but OMG I still hurt, even after taking a hot bath yesterday (oh and BTW hot baths and sunburn equals Shocked ), I am still soar.  Which would not be so bad, however, tomorrow is day one of running for my marathon training.  I've also changed my running schedule plan to do the Galloway walk/run method of training, so we'll see how it goes.  Other than it being hotter than he!!   Melting down here, not much other crazy stuff has been going on...been a little on the quiet side.  So, off to sweat my butt off  then tonight is family movie night!!!  "Tooth Fairy", nothing wrong with a little bit of eye candy in the family movie, even if he is wearing a tutu!  LOL!  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!!!

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