Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogging From My Cell Phone...

Wow, only in th 21st century do we share our "journal" enteries over the internet via our cell phones. Oh well, onwards and upwards! So, have I mentioned that it is freakin hotter then blue blazes...O...M...G it is HOT! We have hit triple digits the past two days, and oh by the way this is before we add the heat index. Am I mistaken, please correct me if I am wrong...it is only mid June, not even "officially" summer yet! I think even the devil himself would melt in this weather. Training for a marathon in this weather is going to be miserable!! However, this marathon is for a great cause as I have stated once before, it is to raise money for breast cancer research. Just recently a friend and fellow Navy wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, she is a young mom of two beautiful little girls. My friends who are running this race with me and I have decided to run this race in her name. Gillian this 26.2 is for you...as you go through your fight with this, we will be going through our training and thinking of you each step of the way.

God Bless you...you are in my daily thoughts and prayers!

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