Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Run and the itchies

 So, I did not keep my run on Saturday as planned do to the girl's dance recital...dress rehersal call at 8am, followed by lunch out, home for a rest and then back to the theater for a 5:00 call time.  Sunday was Father's day, so we spent the day with my husband...best daddy in the world to my kids and best hubby in the world.  I went for my run yesterday, I did a little over 3 miles, 3. 39 to be exact in 45minutes.  The timing is not impressive at all, but I've got time to work on it.  The rest of the day was to spent with my hubby who had Monday after for a Father's Day holiday.  Well that did not happen....bring on the itchies!  My youngest, who is four years old has head lice!!!  AAGGHH!!!  So far I do not have it and neither do my other girls, daddy and the boy have no hair (buzz cuts ) so they are not a concern.  In the past two days I have done more laundry, checked all my girls' heads several times and am exhausted.  A girlfriend of mine took her son to get his hair cut only to find out he has it...I came to the rescue with the clippers and he now has a nice summer buzz as well.  However, my friend was not as lucky, her shoulder length hair also became the home from some of our pesky microscopic critters (are you itching yet??).  I helped her do her treatment and went through her hair and came home to further do more bedding and get ready to check heads again.  On that note I'm off...hubby is home with my magnifying lens and Tequila!!  :o)

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