Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random thoughts and questions from a six year old

So, I have not posted in a while, OK well I think over a week.  I have been pretty productive around the   Vacuuming  house    , however, I have not done what I set out to do for myself (I know big surprise Shocked  there right, NOT!)  This week at M.O.M.S I set a goal for myself and that was to use my kick bag at least three times before our next meeting, I guess I had better get punching and kicking.

 Boxing I am PMSing (TMI,LOL) so I'm moody and I'm hungry, just an all around fun person to be around.  Why is it always so easy to keep promises to others but not to yourself?  Ever notice that, or am I the only one who will drop myself for others, oh well, I'll get it right at some point.  I've started pulling papers to start getting ready to do what we have to do to sell our house, I'm soo looking forward to that nightmare in this tanking economy.  Onward and upward, not much I can do about the crap the government has gotten our economy into (except vote and believe me I do that every chance I get).

So, my Bella has posed some very interesting questions to me this week.  Our conversation in the car was about marriage and babies, you see I'll tell my kids you have to be married to have a baby, well I guess the got it but not really, LOL!  So, we are on our way to school yesterday and Bella asks if I have been married four times, and I told her I have not, that I have only been married to daddy (with a bit of a puzzled look, since I did not see the next thing coming).  Well, she says how can I have four babies if I only got married once, so I told her that all four of my babies are with daddy and she matter a fact states, "boys do not make babies only mommies do, so what does daddy have to do with it"?  By this point my tired mind is a bit dazed and confused, as it is only 7:20AM and I have yet to have my cup of coffee.  I try to wrap my brain around this so I can answer her in a way that she will understand, as I'm thinking she again says, "so you have been married four times right mommy"?  It is just way to early for this and tell her we will have this conversation when she gets older and turn up the radio.  Good Lord, what have I done, she thinks I got married four times so I could have four babies.  Well I know this has been a bit of a boring blog, but I had to share my Bella story because it was cute and innocent.  Have a blessed day!

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