Saturday, April 30, 2011

Been M.I.A

No, the kids have not had me hog tied and in the closet...I am still in charge on the home front (although some days I question this).  It's been a roller coaster of a few weeks, the moods/emotions are high and everyone is happy, but just as quickly as they rise they fall, it only takes a little thing (especially for the little two).  I have been holding onto my faith tightly, I swear that some days God saves my children and my sanity.  I need to get back into listening to my daily devotionals, they always seemed to lift my day, I have an app on my phone, however, they have messed up the devotionals, so I will have to sit and watch them on the computer.  Yes, I know I could read a daily devotionals, but I really enjoy listening to Joyce Meyers' daily podcast.  The kids have been on Spring Break for the past week and a half, so nothing has been "normal" lately...can you say chaotic and crazy around my house!  I do not believe has actually hung off the chandelier, but close enough...hide and seek inside equals one broken frame and a fat lip.  Oh well, what are you going to do, it happens.  Took the older two to see "Soul Surfer" this week during Spring Break and they loved it, of course they had to read the book before I would take them to see it.  One of the only movies that I can think of that the movie lived up to the book and was just as excellent as the book.  Took the younger two to see "Hop" this week, that was cute as well.  So glad that I ate the jelly beans, before I saw the movie and the rabbit poop them out...gross, LOL!  We have not gotten to talk to daddy much since he's been gone, he schedule is crazy and for some reason the reception sucks, and he is at Fort Dix, not even in country yet, but with the crapiness of the reception you would think he was already in country.  He is coming home for a visit the end of May beginning of June and I have very mixed feelings about this.  Of course I am super excited that we will get to spend some time with him again before he goes to the desert, however, I know that is going to leave me with the kids going through the whole daddy leaving stage again...which any military spouse knows, sucks!  Hopefully, it won't it be too bad, at least that is what I am praying for.  I am going to have to find some activities that they enjoy to do this summer...hopefully I can find something other than the pool (I do not like swimming, dislike bathing suits to the utmost).  We just successfully had butterflies from larva stage till today when we released them, we are looking to either do praying mantis or lady bugs next.  That most likely be almost done by the time summer starts, seeing as how I have to order one of them soon before they run out of supply (praying mantis) or it gets too hot to ship the larva (lady bugs).  This is a pretty boring update, not much exciting, I am just working on holding onto my sanity and continue to declutter seven years of life in the house.  Not exactly sure when it's going on the market, I know soon.  How on God's green earth I'm going to be able to keep our house at show condition with four kids, two dogs and a cat is beyond me.  Think I'm strung out and OCD now, just wait...  Well, for some reason today I cannot focus, so I think I'm going to call this a post and sign out.  Have a blessed week!

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