Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The cootie's are in the house....

yep that's right...and I think they might be the flu cooties..AAGGHH run quickly in the other direction (don't worry I am sanitizing my words as they splash across your screen).  My Nina Beana is sick, came down with a low grade fever last night with the body aches and a sore throat, today that low grade fever went up to 102.2* and she was an achy, icky feeling girl.  I've started pumping the rest of us with Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinecha; in hopes to prevent the cooties from spreading...of course there are also fingers crossed and prayers being said (I'll take whatever I can to prevent the spread of it).  So, other than having a sickly kid my day has been pretty unadventurous and pretty boring.  I did manage to rid my house of some more of the toxic cleaners and beauty products in my house.  LOL, as I read the phrase "beauty products" I get a chuckle to think I once would use these products fairly regularly and have since learned that these products are just chuck full of toxins that cause more harm to your body than good.  I am sorry but no beauty product is worth that...this chick is going green, it's not as a quick of a process I would like but I am going.  I washed the dogs...in the shower that was interesting, but better than going out in the 40* weather and freezing our butts off (or tails in their case).  I am now going to sit and that very butt that I kept warm this morning and watch my all time favorite show..."The Biggest Loser"!  I am going to be really bad and eat a brownie while I watch it.  I've decided that starting next Monday, when we are back on track with our routines (and God willing we are all healthy) I'm going to get my butt back in the gym.  Next Sunday when the garbage goes out, so does the garbage food in the house.  Next Monday morning I will once again take my "beginning" pictures and get on the scale to get my actualstarting weight...time to get this butt back in shape.  I'm going to use this week to get the house back in order, the routine's back in order, hopefully my husband will get my weight bag set up for me.  If not, no worries...I've learned to be very independent over the years, not because of my husband being lazy (and he is not) but because well heck I'm a Navy wife...sink or swim baby!  By next Monday, the house will be ready for me, I will be ready and the family will be ready.  I have to get back to planning out my meals for the month, yes you read that right at one point I was planning out my dinners for an entire month (up on the calendar in the kitchen where everyone knows what we are eating and not to ask, LOL).  So I think I just did a whole lot of babbling, but I know what I meant, LOL!!!  Well...I'm off to get my big brownie and watch the Biggest Loser.  As my menu and plan comes together for next week I'll post it~

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