Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hump Day....or is it?

Yes, you are correct it really is Wednesday, although I went through most of the day thinking it was Tuesday.  It was great when I finally realized it was Wednesday, er I think that is a good thing right, LOL!  So today was another fairly uneventful day in the Mendez household. 

So my five year old wants desperately to be a big girl at night and wear panties to bed, however, she is an extremely heavy sleeper and does not wake up when she has to go to the bathroom.  So after a month and a half of hit and miss with waking her to go to the bathroom (the hit or miss part is her being wet or dry), I've decided we need to try a different approach to night time potty training.  First, I went to the store tonight and bought another bag of pull ups...this was met with mixed reactions.  Ooooh, Sleeping Beauty and then why do I have to wear pull ups again.  Now let me tell you that when I would wake her at night to go to the bathroom and she was already wet, I would change her sheets and her clothes and the next morning she would not remember any of it.  She would wake thinking she was dry only to be crushed when I told her that I had changed her in the middle of the night (mind you I have her get herself dressed and help her get undressed, she just does not remember as she is barely conscious).  I just cannot take having to wash the sheets and the extra pad that we put over her sheets's crazy.  I also have done my research and finally caved and purchased a bed wetting alarm from Amazon which will be here on Friday.  I've read research on them and read several reviews on this particular one, and now I just hope it works.  According to the research I've done (I'm known as the Google geek amongst my friends, LOL) it is completely normal for a child to not be night time potty trained till the age of six or seven and Angel just turned five in December.  So, that was my excitement for the day...WOOT WOOT!!!  Only a mother can appreciate the "fun" in researching and purchasing a bed wetting alarm as the excitement for her day!!  Give it up moms, you know I'm right!  Let's see if this puppy can wake my little Angel up so she starts to recognize the feeling of having to wake up at night and go to the bathroom.  Out of my four children she is the only one we have had to try this on.  The other three we would wake them up once  a night in the middle of the night and take them to the bathroom and eventually they did it on their own (by eventually I mean within a month).  The only unique exception to this is my son...yes unique.  During his sleep he recognized the urge to have to go to the bathroom, HOWEVER, he didn't always recognize the location of the bathroom.  Yes, your read that correctly!  One night we caught him in the laundry room holding the lid to the container we had the dog food in, opened and peeing on the dog food, once I caught him peeing down the side of his dresser.  There were a few times he woke up and smelled of urine, my thought is that he woke and stopped mid-pee and went to the bathroom. He eventually grew out of it, quckly thankfully.  Angel, I fear may be a bit more of a challenge...anyway, we will see if this works.  We will still have the sticker calendar in the bathroom for when she wakes up dry, she puts a sticker on the calendar.

My oldest was home sick again today...NO FEVER SINCE THIS MORNING!!!  WHOOP...WHOOP!!! The girl is going to school tomorrow!!  I will be kid free for three hours tomorrow morning...can I get an AMEN!!  Now, please do not take this the wrong way, I LOVE my babies, but every mom needs some alone time.  A little bit of "woosaaa" time, I'm feeling a Zen moment in the morning.  I might even avoid housework and all that that entails, get a nice tasty cup of coffee, the book I'm getting ready to start and draw a bubble bath.  Yep, this mom is going to soak in the tub in the MORNING!!!  Then onto the I said yesterday I need to get my meal plans planned out for the rest of the month and maybe start next months.  Not only will this help with me trying to lose some weight (remember Monday is the moment of truth...AKA "D" Day), but I've put us back on a strict budget and set us back up with the envelope system.  So, if I can get my meals planned out it will make life easier when I sit down to work out the monthly budgets and how much cash I need to take out for groceries each month.  Big things are going to happen for this family this year!!!!

So are you ready to hear some of the big plans for this year...(DEEP CLEANSING BREATH INSERTED HERE)...
   ~The house is go on the market in June
   ~A $26,000 home equity line of credit will be paid off within the next year and a half (obviously sooner if the house sells quickly and it covers that too, but the market is horribly crappy right now).
   ~I'm going to lose  XX lbs (XX will be known for certain on D Day)
  ~We will have established and be firmly on our budget...*DRUM ROLL PLEASE* and be well on our way to paying off the credit cards....Goal is to be out of complete debt (besides house) in less than five years.

So now are you going on the market?  Where are we moving?  Well we have verbal orders to Colorado (for June of 2012...that is when J gets back from Afghanistan, yeppers 14 months).  Should the grace of God be over us and the house sells quickly the kids and I will move out there and get the house and get moved in....which yes will be stressful, however, it would be great to be set up in our new place by the time daddy returns.  It would make the post-deployment adjustment a lot less stressful.  I just cannot imagine him coming home from 14 months in Afghanistan and having to move the house and all of us up to Colorado...and then of course finding a house to for us all to live in there.  Well, OK I'm not focused anymore...I'm watching Clean House.  Love Niecy Nash!!!  Nighters All!!!

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