Monday, January 3, 2011

T-minus nine hours....

but whose counting!!  LMBO!!  That's is the amount of time till the Mendez bus pulls out of the driveway tomorrow morning to return the children back to school!!! A day every parent celebrates, at least a parent who has more than one child, because by this point of Christmas break they are in a constant state of bickering and I am having to play referee.  Don't get me wrong I like black and white in more wardrobe, just not that of a referee uniform (eeww, so not flattering).  So, I spent the day working on proofs for a client, breaking up arguments and washing bedding.  All and all a somewhat productive day...but I need to get my derriere up and moving and shake off some of the weight I have put on since September.  It's been a rough six months...thought my Thyroid was out of whack, however, I was mistaken.  Of course being the stubborn person that I am I waited to go the doctors...well until I started having issues in the bathroom (TMI TMI TMI WARNING).  I became constipated, I went from going two to three times a day to once every three to five days.  So, with that I decided it was time to go get checked out.  I was diagnosed with anemia, my iron levels were at 2.9 (the normal range is 11-300 and doctors do not like to see anything below 30).  Well, this explained a lot of the symptoms I was having; exhaustion, losing hair, moodiness etc.  The doctor gave me a prescription for iron of which I could not take the full dose with my constipation issue.  The two days I took the full dose caused my constipation issue to hit the roof.  Can you say HOLY COW UNCOMFORTABLE, not going for nine to eleven days is pure hell!!!  So, now I take the iron once every other day.  I am now feeling slightly human...I no longer have to nap an hour to two every day.  The issue at the other end seems to be slowly working its way out...however I now have 15lbs to lose (YAY me!).  Needless to say my marathon venture is not going to happen this year, but I will do it one day.  I am still planning to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon again this year on February 27th.  BTW, I am sitting here writing this while eating my second very large piece of fudge brownie with fudge frosting on it, yep, it's going to be a long haul to lose this 15lbs.  Hubby did buy me a membership to the Y for Christmas so I have a way to blow off steam while he is in Afghanistan, let's hope I can gain an interest in working out again with the same fever that I've eaten these two brownies tonight.  It's going be a looong and stressful year but I am hell bent and determined to stay positive and get through this.  My mantra is going to be, "I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!"  Well OK, I think there was a little train who took that one, so I will have to come up with my own.  Any suggestions?

On another note...and an event from today, the dog that I put an adoption application in for at a rescue was adopted, sadly not to me.  I am heart broken to say the least, it is crazy as I have never have met this beautiful little lady, but I was head-over-heels for her as soon as I saw her picture and read her story.  Broken heartedness equals the two brownies ...oh and did I mention the several pieces of Dove's dark chocolate that I have eaten since I saw her adoption posted.  How is it that a 17lb Shih Tzu baby that I have never even met have such an impact on me?  Have I totally lost my marbles?  I've looked through the rescue sites for another little Shih Tzu to steal my heart and none even come close to capturing it yet, besides I promised my husband that if I was not selected to adopt this particular pooch that I would wait to get myself a Shih Tzu.  With all the next year and a half is going to be bringing me I guess this was just God's way of telling me was not time yet, just not yet meant to be as I am going to have a very full plate.  I am super happy that she was adopted and hope that her new home is wonderful and loving.  One day I will rescue a Shih Tzu baby and I also want to rescue a Greyhound when we have more land.

Well, my plate is empty of a brownie and I fear that if I stay awake too much longer I may attack some more of the brownies, so I guess I should find my way to bed.  So good night folks!!!

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