Sunday, January 2, 2011

Great start to the day...

Started my morning with my alarm going off bright and early at 6:30am...I have to admit I was hoping it was still raining out, but when it was all over I was glad that it was not.  I met partner in crime, Christine at "our corner" to begin our morning with a brisk (but at sometimes leisurely) 10 mile walk.  I ache like hell now, mainly due to the crappy rainy's killing my knee!!  AAGGHH!  Mom, if your reading this blog relax it's fine (love you).  Now I'm watching "House" with my hubby (after watching the very sad Jets Vs. Bills game)...our favorite show to watch together (so I'm going to make this a quick blog, LOL).  Did I mention he made the most amazing Puerto Rican dinner this afternoon!  YUMMY, bataligos, tostones, and rice and beans (pardon the spelling) good I will definitely be going back for seconds later tonight.  Other than that just hanging with the family and enjoying them....I love lazy Sundays with the family, the only thing that would make it better would have been us making it to mass this morning.  The kids have been enjoying the various crafts, play doh and other toys that for Christmas.  Love is Great!!!!  So on that note I am signing out and hoping that all of my friends and family are enjoying their Sunday afternoon as much as I am.
   God Bless!

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