Saturday, January 1, 2011

I went to bed in one year and woke up in another...

Can you believe it is already 2011?  I can't.  Where the heck did 2010 go?  It was a great year for my family, it was the first year in the 13 1/2 years of marriage that my husband was home the entire year (with the exception of one overnight trip and one two night trip)...and surprisingly we did not kill each other, LOL!  I always joke that when he retires from the military he is going to have to find a job that requires monthly travel, you know maybe a weekend here or a week there...because until this year we never lived under the same roof for any length of time.  But sadly, all good things must at some point come to end, so with that said I want a do-over for 2010, I want it to last longer, because I'm just not ready for another year (14 months to be exact) apart.  This time it will be Afghanistan as opposed to Iraq, again trying to be positive, his job over there will be a lot safer than the one in Iraq....but it's still not here with us.

Well, as I try not to think about April, I find my self taking in this year and even a bit of previous years...kind of taking inventory of my life and those in it.  Now this only happened because (I think) I offered a friend on Facebook who is having a difficult pregnancy a meal (I told her I could cook dinner and bring it over one night), now this is a friend who I have not known very long and I really do not talk to that much, so I guess if I were to be technical she would be more of an acquaintance.  None the less, I still offered her my help ...well because that is me.  Anywho, I got a private message from her saying that she had heard and gotten the impression that I did not like her that much.  Needless to say I was puzzled and responded back to her and told her that was far from the truth.  Now I sit and not only wonder what kind of people I have surrounded myself with but also what kind of image/personality I am giving off.  I am not going to ask who said that to her, because it's a moot point, especially since I'm apparently sending off vibes that match what she has been told.  I just wonder what kind of people start rumors/lie like that, I mean really who benefits from such behavior.  Are they doing it just start drama?  I've really had my share of drama in the past two years to last me a lifetime.  It's time for me to start surrounding myself with more positive people, those who bring out the good qualities in me and not the worst. I have learned alot about myself these past few years and unfortunately I've also learned that things are not always what they seem.

So, as I sit here on the first day of 2011 and think, I wonder where we will be this time next year.  What things will happen this year?  Who will be in my life and who will have exited stage left?  What can I change in myself (for the better) this year?  What accomplishments big or small will I achieve this year?  What exactly does God have planned for me...I guess I will have to wait and see and enjoy the ride.

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