Saturday, January 15, 2011

Downhill from Monday...

Nothing like starting the week with my truck acting up and having to call the hubby at work to come and take the kids to school.  Yes, the truck that I have just made my third payment on today...yes it is a 2009 vehicle, so not brand new, just new to me.  In its previous life it was someones leased vehicle, anywho it was still under warranty (for another four hundred miles, LOL), so problem was fixed.  I should have known right from there that week was not going to go as planned.  So, from there Monday was a pretty much a scratch as far as productivity is concerned...with the exception of getting my menu planned for the next forty days or so (although it is only planned on the calendar for the rest of the month).  However, the silver lining...I got to have breakfast at Paneras with my husband, mmm the food was great, the company was excellent!  Monday night I started my MOMS group at church (Ministry of Moms Sharing), which I'm looking forward to.  It's an eight week long journey of faith sharing for moms.  I'm looking forward to going through this for many reasons, what a great way to do some soul searching and of building your spirituality.  Seriously folks, that was just Monday...

It was a productive week, but a very slow productive week.  First the truck, then the shredder craps out on me, I think that was Wednesday, before it was done doing it's job too!!!  QUITTER!!  Then from there the modem crapped out on us.  It took me most of the week, but I finally got the office done.  I did groceries for the rest of the month on Friday, I do not remember my totals but my savings was 36%..done better but I'm happy with that.  Couponing and savings is harder when you are trying to eat healthier, lot less coupons and such for that.  I would love to see more sales and coupons on organic foods and less on things like cookies and junk cereals.  This morning I rearranged and organized my pantry...oooohhh and to help my OCD I purchased a label maker!!  Fun!!

I did not, however, get working out this week, nor did I do my initial weight and picture for my journal.  I will this week.  I did decide that I do not want to use my gym membership that Jason got me for Christmas, I've asked him to return it, and I can work out at home and in our community amenities.  Took the kids hiking today, which we all enjoyed.  Although I enjoyed our mile and a half hike, I was paranoid that the kids (or even J and I) would get ticks on us, paranoia sometimes gets the better of me.  I think the funniest thing this week was when I was helping the little two with their shower today.  They stuck their little booties up to the glass shower door and made little butt cheek prints.  They proceeded to take their little butt cheek prints and put a line on either side to make glasses.  Creative I must say, but I laughed my butt off!!!  Where do they come up with these things?  AAhh to be a kid again, yeah, not really I'll pass, been there done that and I'm declaring it a no do over, LOL!  So, now off to enjoy the rest of this night and the rest of this long weekend with the love of my life and our children (both the two legged and four legged ones).

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